Distalization with Aligners Myths and Reality

di Schwarze Jorg

Patients are more and more interested in esthetic appliances which don’t interfere with their daily routine. Orthodontists are focusing on methods, which are providing predictable results in combination with a good applicability in the daily practice workflow. Clear aligners fulfill both needs. The most common malocclusion is the dental class II. Therefore, this lecture will focus on distalization with Aligners instead of extractions. Different patient examples of all age groups will point out the advantages, but also the limits of distalization with Aligners and the practical approach to achieve reliable results. The combination of auxiliaries and skeletal anchorage will be discussed, as well.

Obiettivi di apprendimento

Dopo la tua relazione sarai in grado di Contraindications for distalization with clear aligners.
Dopo la tua relazione sarai in grado di Different distalization protocols will be shown.
Dopo la tua relazione sarai in grado di Treatment examples will characterize the borders of distalization in the upper and also lower arch.